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As a busy professional you want a system that will fit your company’s needs and provide safety for your business and employees. Master Security Systems will customize a security system to fit your specific requirements. Using today’s state of the art technology, we can provide remote access and system management that puts your system at your fingertips from where ever you are. You can see who is entering or leaving your business via email or text message. In addition, you can add or remove access codes for employees right from your smart device. These features really allow you to keep tabs on what’s happening and affords you the peace of mind after business hours.


Protect your business from the damage fire can cause. Our staff will help install and maintain a fire alarm system according to national, state, and local fire codes. We have the capability to provide fire alarm system monitoring for your existing system without the need of phone lines by using IP-GSM Fire communicators. These communicators provide the two paths of communication, required by code, by reporting via internet protocol and GSM wireless service. No need for old fashion phone lines anymore.


To Increase the protection of your property, personnel and other sensitive data, Access Control Systems (ACS) are designed to allow levels of security for each area of your business. ACS can grant or limit accessibility to certain areas based on dates, times, and holidays. It also allows you to maintain a tighter control over restricted areas such as supply rooms, inventory warehouses, or computer server rooms. With today’s technology, these systems are accessible on the web and can be remotely managed using a computer or smart device. Users maybe added or removed, privilege levels set, or schedules changed all at your fingertips from where ever you are.

Video Surveillance

The addition of video surveillance systems to your alarm system provides you with the ultimate deterrent that is both visible and effective. Master Security Systems offers a wide range of video surveillance solutions for businesses of any size. The use of analogue or IP based technology provides non-stop, 24-hour recording and viewing. When installed on your high-speed network, these systems can be viewed from mobile devices and tablets anywhere you are, giving you the flexibility, you need.

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