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Your family's security and safety should be your greatest concern. Having a burglar alarm system that will alert the police can act as a deterrent and help avoid any threatening situations. To achieve the fastest response times possible, having a monitored system is important. Our hybrid systems can utilize hardwired or wireless detection to protect your home and your family.

In today's increasingly wireless society, people are discarding the land-based phone lines in favor of their cell phones. With our wide range of GSM and wireless communication options, you will still get monitoring 24/7 without the need of a landline.


In a lot of cases, a house is the biggest investment you'll make. Having a fire alarm system in your home helps to protect the lives of your loved ones as well as your property. We can design, install and maintain a fire alarm system that meets or exceeds national, state, and local fire codes. These systems provide continuous monitoring which notifies the local fire department and first responders.

CCTV and Video Surveillance

We provide custom surveillance systems with constant recording and remote viewing. When installed on your high-speed network, these systems can be viewed from mobile devices and tablets anywhere you are. Having the capability to access your system anywhere you go gives you the flexibility you need.


It is easy to forget the hazards that cannot be easily seen. Carbon monoxide is known as a “silent killer” because it can be released into the air without being noticed. Having carbon monoxide detection in your home can save lives. Similarly, combustible gas is not forgiving. Our combustible gas detectors will pick up a gas leak before it causes an unsafe situation.

In the presence of water and freezing temperatures, damage can occur without warning. Having water and temperature sensors can alert you before expensive repairs are necessary.

With the capability to monitor these devices 24 hours a day, you can minimize harm to your home and those most important to you.


If you have an existing system but are not happy with your current service provider, Master Security Systems is here to help. With our exceptional service, we are pleased to provide our customers with maintenance and monitoring of their systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can also upgrade older or obsolete systems using the newest technology.

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